Granite is a magmatic rock consisting of mica (white or black), feldspar (which will give it its color: banche, gray, red, pink, yellow, etc.) and translucent quartz. In addition to its variations in color, the granite basin or sink may have streaks, stains or micro-cracks that are an integral part of its structure and aesthetics, and comes in all classic shapes: round, oval, square, rectangular, oblong, etc.It guarantees the washbasin or basin unparalleled resistance and durability.After receiving a water-repellent treatment, it is stain and scratch resistant. Also resistant to shocks, high temperatures and acids, the granite basin or sink is easy to maintain.Aesthetically, this type of basin or washbasin is always a unique piece, resulting from the rough cutting of the stone and its polishing. But equipped with a pre-drilled hole for water drainage, it can be installed in the same way as any other sanitary ware.


  • Unique piece
  • Durability
  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • Shocks and high temperature resistant
  • Easy to maintain


  • Material: Granite
  • Dimensions: 15 3/4"x 21 2/3"x 3 15/16"
  • Shape: Square
  • Color: Black
  • Installation: Vessel
  • Drain position: Center

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